Sea Freight

  • Sea Freight is the lifeblood of world’s economy carrying 90% of international trade – Some of our key services are...Read more.

Air Freight

  • Air freight is typically the fastest mode for long distance freight transport, but is also expensive. Some of our air freight services are...Read more.

Road/Rail Freight

  • Road Freight makes deliveries to and from sea and air ports where cargo is moved in bulk – Some of our Road/Rail Freight services are...Read more.

Intermodal Freight

  • Intermodal is usage of multiple modes of freight to transport a cargo – Some of our specialized intermodal services...Read more.


We form an eternal bond with our customers, moving from a freight forwarder to a transport partner. We help our customers with their business in this challenging business environment, by being there 24/7 helping them in all possible ways.

Some of our happy customers are:

Our Staffs

Our success would not have been possible without the dedicated efforts of our entire staff and the valuable co-operation of our friends and well wishers. Our Staff works only with ‘customers at heart’ and puts in maximum effort day in and day out to see the smile of our customers.

We call them our stepping stone to success and are proud to present them to you.